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Roads minister confident of winning primaries


The Member of Parliament for Tamale Central and Minister of Roads and Highways, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini says if the presidential and parliamentary primaries of the governing National Democratic Congress party were held on Thursday, he will have secured more than 90 percent of the votes. The elections are scheduled for Saturday.

image Alhaji Inusah is confident that he will win the primaries on Saturday. For the last several weeks, he has interacted with more than 400 youth groups as well as women’s groups in the constituency. The stakes are high in the constituency with a common message for the new entrants, “ step-down.”

The campaign to represent Tamale Central has been marked by insults and vilifications.The Roads Minister is fighting challenges from engineer Alhaji Ibrahim Seidu and Ghana Commercial Bank workers union chairman, Alhassan Adam. Campaign activities. But  a confident Fuseini said MPs don’t step down during election; they either win or lose.

He told Zaa News he is unperturbed by the character assassinations and vilifications and vowed to stay above the fray. But he added that he will leave all such behavior to his opponents’ conscience, because his integrity and reputation will be protected by the people in the constituency.

Inusah disclosed this to Zaa News in an interview. Asked if he can work with his opponents should he win the primaries,  Inusah said he has been in numerous campaigns, some of which have been dirty and murky but this particular campaign has been the exception.

He said he has never borne any grudge against anybody and that he will not directly or indirectly act or fail to act, in order to protect his integrity because as he put it “his integrity will be protected by the people when he is re-elected.

He pledged to continue that way, leaving all what people have said about him to their own conscience. According to him, his integrity and reputation will be defended by God Himself and the people of the Tamale central constituency. The way to do that Inusah noted, is to return him to parliament with an overwhelming victory.

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