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Sagnarigu DCE bids farewell to staff and assembly members while lauding Nana Addo’s promise of elections of DCEs



The outgoing District Chief Executive (DCE) of Sagnarigu, Mr. Alhassan Mohammed Sorugudoo has commended stakeholders in the area for their support in carrying out developmental project during his four-year term in office.

Mr. Sorugudoo was particularly grateful to the staff and assembly members in the district, Chiefs and development partners for their effort in addressing problems confronting the communities in the district.

In his farewell address during the fourth ordinary meeting of the assembly, Mr Sorugudoo thanked the security agencies, the electoral commission, political parties, the Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC), the National Peace Council (NPC), the NCCE, the media, the NORSAAC and the IBIS for ensuring peaceful elections in his area.

The former Sagnarigu DCE expressed the hope that his successor will continue unfinished projects and programs to help solve problems in the district. Mr. Sorugudoo also prayed that the effort to ensure that district achieves municipality status yield fruitful results which will invariably bring more institutions, facilities and development to the district.

Touching on president Nana Addo’s campaign promises, he expressed the hope that the new administration carries out its MMDCEs elections in line with the legal framework of country. He lauded the promise and hope that well-meaning Ghanaians will embrace it.
The elections of MMDCEs Mr. Sorugudoo observed, will restore the confidence and moral courage in the district chief executives and assemblies to face and deal with issues holistically without fear of being dismissed by the appointing authority.

In addition, the election, he added, will also protect DCEs and the assemblies from being abused, undermined, intimidated and manipulated by what he described as some wicked, selfish and ignorant higher political office holders. Mr. Sorugudoo thanked the former president, Mr. John Dramani Mahama for giving him the opportunity to serve the people of Sagnarigu and mother Ghana at large.

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