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Stop appointing ‘injury-time’ Ministers and MMDCEs; Northern Reg. NPP chairman tells president


imageThe Northern Regional Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Mr.Daniel Bugri Naabu has described the new appointees by the president John Dramani Mahama as ‘injury-time’ appointees who have no use.

Mr. Naabu said instead of the Mahama-led government laying the groundwork to hand over smoothly in 2016, it still thinks Ghanaians will give the party yet another mandate to run the country.

Mr.Naabu likened the current appointees, ministers or metropolitan,  municipal and district chief executives (MMDCEs) to players who the coach was not so sure of, and therefore decided that the best place for them on the team was on the bench where they wait for injury time. The coach’s action, Mr. Naabu said, is designed to make the players on the bench feel like part of the team, though he knows full well that they cannot make any meaningful impact.

He said both old and new appointees can’t make any positive impact in addressing the numerous challenges and difficulties Ghanaians are grappling with, adding that further appointments will amount to insulting and undermining Ghanaians.

The NPP regional chairman, in his New Year message to the media at his residence in Tamale, accused the NDC government of collapsing almost all the social interventions former President Kufour administration initiated to alleviate the sufferings of Ghanaians.

He also repeated his incessant attacks on President Mahama for neglecting Konkombas, Mamprusis and other ethnic groups along the eastern corridor in the northern region.

He urged the electorate to show the NDC government the exit because as he put it’ they have drained the national purse, which has led to a wobbly economy. Unemployment among the working populace, Bugri Naabu said, is increasing due to the collapse of industries and the lack of investor confidence in Ghana’s economy.

Mr. Naabu said the only way to address current problems facing Ghanaians is to elect Nana Addo with Dr. Mahamud Bawumia in this year’s elections.

Development challenges confronting the people in the north, he said, will be addressed by the Nana Addo-Bawumia led administration.

“I am telling the people of Mamprugu that, Dr. Bawumia will not renege on his efforts to ensure that the bad road network in the area is addressed, Bugri Naabu stressed.

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