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Tension mounts in 2 communities over assembly election results



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Tension is mounting between Jarigu and Lahigu communities in the Tamale Metropolis over the results of Tuesday District Level Elections (DLE). Supporters of two aspirants who contested for the elections are reported to be bracing themselves to engage in fracas.

The incumbent is reported to have defeated his closest contender with one vote after counts at Jarigu where the results were collated.

 His contender who hails from lahigu insisted that the ballots be recounted and called for a recount. Eye witness told Zaa News, supporters of Lahigu aspirant allegedly stop the EC officer who was on the escort of a police officer at Lahigu and demanded a recounted which he obliged under duress.

Lahigu according to him was a place where both aspirants were supposed to append their signatures on the results. The aggrieved supporters allegedly collected the ballot box in the full glare of the police officer detailed to protect the ballot box.

After the recount, two ballot papers were rejected as spoil ballots. But this did not go down well with the incumbent assemblyman supporters. Our sources within the secuirty in the metropolis assured that  they are monitoring the situation in the area  to avert possible violence. This was the results as declared by the EC at Jarigu.

Hassan from    Dufai                                        252

Sayibu Sumail   from Jarigu                            468

Abdulai Mohammed from Lahigu                    467

The two communities for sometimes now has been at each other’s throats over land issues which led to some violent confrontation.

Meanwhile, results from the Wamale electoral have been put on hold.  One of the aspirants accused a polling station assistant of favouring the incumbent and is demanding for a recount. Coordinating Presiding Officer of Gbabshe polling station, Zakaria Mohammed confirm it to Zaa News. He described the complaint filed by the aggrieved aspirant as minor adding the EC has invited the two aspirants for amicable settlement.








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