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Producers and artists sign bond to be of good behaviour



Seven music producers and event organizers of entertainment shows have signed a bond to be of good behavior at the palace of the Tamale Dakpema, Alhaji Mohammed Alhassan Dawuni.

The signing followed a stern warning issued by the Dakpema to the artists to control their fans or risk being banned from holding holding any entertainment event.

The seven include; Northern Vision Events, Minutes Entertainment, Black E Records, Unknown Movement Clan. The rest are Dr Fiza Music, Team Macca Music and Hyer Links Entertainment.

Alhaji Dawuni gave a hint of banning all video, music and entertainment shows in Tamale after fans of two artistes engaged in violent acts that authorities said could have endangered peace and security in the Tamale metropolis.

It may be recalled that last month, fans of Maccasio and Fancygadem rejected the Dakpema’s plea to smoke the piece pipe after they had clashed at a video launch in Tamale.

Maccasio and Fancygadem were asked to collaborate on a unity song to end the hostilities among their fans but they never did. The two were battling for supremacy over who has more fans. While Macassio fans have been put at 69, Fancy fans were claiming 100 on their side.

The organizers on Wednesday jointly signed a letter at the Dakpema palace committing themselves to peace in the entertainment industry in the region.

In the letter, they thanked Nyab Dakpema for his efforts to resolve the impasse between the fans of the two artistes. They also apologized and accepted full responsibility for their actions and in-actions that nearly threatened the peace in Tamale.

According to the event organizers, the prevailing situation in the entertainment industry does not provide the right climate for the growth of the industry and pledged not to repeat what happened.

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