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Tamale Dakpema apologizes to women; suspends his entertainment chief


The Tamale Dakpema, Alhassan Mohammed Dawuni has apologized to the women in Tamale and beyond who were hurt by the alleged derogatory comments made by his entertainment chief, Dema-Naa Mohammed Hafiz.

Naa Dawuni said his palace does not condone misogyny, respects the dignity of women and does not endorse or sanction unguided statements against women.

Naa Alhassan Dawuni rendered the apology when he invited the management of Zaa radio to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of his entertainment chief, Mohammed Hafiz’s alleged profane comments against women.

At the meeting on Tuesday at his palace, Naa Dawuni temporally suspended his Dema Naa from appearing on all radio talk shows in Tamale.

The meeting was also attended by some entertainment chiefs who were not happy about the alleged misconduct of one of their own.

The entertainment chiefs used the opportunity to clear the air and dismiss claims that they use their positions to engage in immoral acts and also to make “sweet talks” with married women. The entertainment chiefs said they are aware of Dema Naa’s “sweet talking” married women.

Dema Naa’s denial

Meanwhile, Dema Naa Hafiz has denied making such comments after some concern residents calls for his disenskinment.

He stressed that he never said he had sex with half of Tamale women as reported by a blogger

The report which was posted on social media by a radio presenter and an entertainment critic, stated that, Hafiz, when he returned to Ghana from the UK some five years ago, claimed to have ‘chopped’ half of Tamale ladies.

Dema Naa Hafiz vehemently denied ever making such statement as a panel member on Zaa radio’s weekend entertainment talk show called the Zaa Chat Show.

The report quoted Dema-Naa as telling the host of the show that he will mention the names of his alleged “victims.”

Social media after the Saturday’s Zaa chat show was flooded with condemnations of the purported statement by Dema Naa.

Not surprisingly, on Monday he was dragged before the Tamale Dakpema by Mr Mohammed Namadina Aboagye over the supposed comments to explain exactly what he meant.

Dema Naa was said to have disassociated himself from the comments made by Mr Nash Iddi.

Hafiz who said he was shocked at the report, informed the police and indicated further that Mr Iddi will have to provide evidence of what he wrote about him.

According to Dema Naa, his aim is to build a world class security company and a record label in the world to serve the northern region as well as bring unity and development to the region.

When we spoke with the host of the Zaa Chat show, Mr Musah Abdul-Halid, popularly known as Tell, he explained that the topic was not under discussion but rather just a chip-in.

“I didn’t bother to probe him further because it was not what we were discussing,” Tell told Zaa entertainment desk.

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