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Women, never challenge men-UDS research fellow



A Research fellow at University for Development Studies, Ms Emilia Guo has challenged women not to use their sex as an excuse to deny themselves chances of pursuing their dreams either in academia or in the workplace.

According to her, their sex was never a barrier or an obstacle to their development in any field. She also discredited the widely acclaimed adage that women are their own enemies, explaining women have never on any occasion challenged their male counterparts, but rather only seeking an opportunity to exhibit their God given talent.

“We will never be equal to men but we want to be where men are,” she stressed.

Ms Guo also dismissed assertions that women are their own enemies, women are their own problems but not enemies, she observed. God created the woman from the man’s rib as the Good Books teach us, adding that it was the best rib God picked from the men.

Ms Guo was speaking on the topic: Women empowerment at the official inauguration of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council Women Association (NReCCWA), at the fourth court of RCC in Tamale.

The association was formed on September 10, 2015, with the aim of enhancing and improving the livelihoods of all women at RCC, promote unity and peace and love among women.

Ms Emilia encouraged women not to give more credence to their already down spirit, but rather wake up and live up to their expectations in all endeavors.

She challenged female workers, especially the ladies at the RCC to rise to the occasion because those at the helm of affairs will monitor their punctuality and productivity.

“If you don’t correct your attitude towards time, you are indirectly shortening your own life; time is everything,” she added. The UDS research fellow made a passionate appeal to the women to respect time at all times.

She appealed to women at work places who found themselves in wrong positions to abdicate such positions for places where they can do their best to avoid being laughing stocks.

The women workforce needs capacity building and refresher courses to enhance their memories where it would help produce the expected results, she observed. Sitting in the office does not mean you can pursue or further your education.

“Culture is dynamic, it is not static and therefore there is a need for a change of some cultural practices because not everything in culture can be changed or modified; if they can’t enhance development, let’s change it,” Ms Emilia appealed.

Women relying on husbands to correct children is wrong

The research fellow was not also happy that most women have made their children to believe that their fathers are the most wicked people in the world. “Stop telling  your children that their fathers will discipline them anytime they go wrong,” she cautioned.

Such behaviors she noted make children believe that their fathers are very wicked and growing with such mentality is not good.

“If your home has cobwebs, women remove them now and let children see you doing the right things. Treat both boys and girls as equals and give them equal opportunity and encourage them to do things in moderation and not in excess. Mothers correct it now and trained them socially before is too late.”

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