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BNI prevented yet another SHS students demo in Gushegu



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But for the timely intervention of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and the Gushegu district police, students in the area would have joined their colleagues in the ongoing vandalism spree in senior high schools in the northern region.

The planned demonstration by students of Gushegu Senior School which was set to hit Gushegu streets Tuesday  at 1 pm was canceled after the BNI met the student body over their grievances last night.

The students were to demonstrate against rumors that the school authorities are planning to sack some students over poor performance in the next academic year and also there is an alleged unnecessary brutality   by some teachers in the school among others.

The planned demonstration according to our sources could have been worse than the three senior high schools being closed down by Ghana Education Service.

The students, our sources say, had planned to retaliate all teachers who meted out what they described unjustifiable punishment to any students.

However, their intended demonstration was leaked and officials of the BNI had to meet the student body over the issue. When Zaa News contacted some of the teachers in the Gushegu Senior School, they declined to comment on the matter. 



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