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Central Gonja workers worry about activities of Fulani's


Field officers at the central Gonja District in the northern region are appealing to government to look into the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the area.

They said their lives are being threaten by the herdsmen  and want government to intervene immediately  to safe them. Female field workers  feared the will be attack and rape. 
Rape cases in the region especially, farming communities in the district
This, the workers say is preventing them from traveling to communities provide theme with the service. 
But responding to the concerns of the workers, government said it has put in place what it called 'defence intelligence' who are on the ground monitory the activities of Fulani herdsmen.  
Northern region minister, Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Limuna said such activities may not be committing such criminal acts but assure that the regional security committee is keeping an eye the development of Fulanis. 

The immigration services Alhaji Limuna said he has been directed to monitor the movement of Fulani influx into the region after some residents in the Ashanti region protest against their stay in the region.


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