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Reintegration of alleged witches back to communities still remain our challenge-AAG


The Deputy Country Director and Head of Programs and Policy at ActionAid Ghana(AAG)  Yakubu Mohammed Saani says human rights based approach is the only way to find a lasting solution to poverty and also advance alternatives for poverty endemic areas in Ghana.

At a two-day reflection meeting with journalists from Northern, Upper West and Upper East regions in Tamale, Mr Saani said  Civil Society Organizations have identified human rights based approach in helping communities develop and also educate community members on the right approach to assemblies on developmental issues.

The meeting was to deepen   the understanding of journalists around human rights based approach in addressing rights issues affecting the ordinary people in Action Aid operational areas in Ghana.

He said it is not just about fighting poverty or condemning the issues but rather CSOs must also provide alternative measures to address the issues.

Touching on the success of Action Aid activities in the communities, Mr Saani said ActionAid has chalked some successes, especially, women and children involvement in decision making process.

On the alleged witches’ issues in the Northern Region, the Deputy Country Director said ActionAid will not relent on its efforts in ensuring that alleged witches are reintegrated back to their communities and to live dignified lives in spite of the challenges.

 He said the alleged witches’ confidence has been increased and they have realized that, they are also human beings. The major challenge facing the ActionAid quest in reintegrating the alleged witches, according to Mr Saani, is the guarantee of the security for the alleged witches.



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