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Single tree felled tantamounts to 10 re-planting -Sagnari Naa cautions residents


The Chief of Sagnarigu, Ambassador Yakubu Abdulai has directed, henceforth, anyone to put up a new house would have to plant trees.

This is to prevent the future rainstorm disaster that normally characterizes Northern Region during rainy season.

The Chief therefore appealed to the Sagnarigu District Chief Executive, Alhassan Mohammed Sorugudoo  and the Presiding Member, Mohammed Awal  to ensure that the assembly plants trees around the over fifty (50) acres he gave out to the assembly for the construction of administration block at Kpene.

Ambassador Yakubu Abdulai charged the assembly to come out with a twenty-year afforestation plan that would guide all inhabitants in the Sagnarigu traditional area.

The Sagnarigu palace, the chief said, will soon be a green zone to set as an example for residents to emulate and urged the assembly to start planting trees now.

Sagnarigu District was one of the districts in the Northern Region that was hit by the rainstorm last year. Several houses including properties and schools worth thousands of Ghana Cedis in the district were destroyed by the storm. The assembly since 2014 has been struggling to rehabilitate the ravaged schools.

It is against this backdrop that the Chief is urging residents and new developers to plant trees to serve as wind-breaks.  For those who are in the tree cutting spree, the Sagnari Naa said, anyone found cutting a down a tree will be made to plant ten trees.

This is to serve as a deterrent to those who cut down trees indiscriminately.  Ambassador Yakubu Abdulai stated this when he planted a tree at the Sagnarigu new administration block site in Kpene near Sagnarigu on Friday.




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