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Ghanaian Pilgrim delivers baby boy just after Hajj rituals



A Ghanaian pilgrim has given birth to a healthy, bouncing baby Friday afternoon in Mecca, it has been announced. The jubilant mother, Hajia Hasiyatu Rufai, was besides herself with joy as the event coincided with the end of the annual pilgrimage on Wednesday September 14.

According to Dr. Osman, who is one of the deputies to the head of Ghana Medical Team, Dr.Abdul Samad Suleman, both the mother and the new baby are doing well without any complications.

Dr. Osman went further to explain that he personally advised Hajia Hasiyatu at the Hajj Village in Accra who was then pregnant to suspend her trip to Hajj this year due to the uncertainties and complications, but she pleaded with him to allow her to participate because her doctor had assured her of a late delivery somewhere in October, by which time, all pilgrims would have returned to Ghana.

According to Dr.Osman,the delivery was smooth without any complications and because of that she and the baby were discharged a few hours after delivery. He was grateful to Allah for the safe delivery, but said, he would never encourage any pregnant woman from Ghana to embark on Hajj pilgrimage regardless.

Hajia Hasiyatu Rufai who hails from Kotokuraba-TUC in Cape Coast has since been brought back to her hotel in Makkah. The elated mother of 5, gave thanks to Allah but still couldn’t believe the energy she had to have fully participated in the Hajj rituals, especially in Arafah and Muzdalifah.

According to Dr Osman, the medical team is working around the clock to help secure a special place for the mother and baby so as to be able to offer routine check on them.

This was contained in a statement issued and signed by the deputy communications director of Pilgrims Affairs Office of Ghana PAOG, Mr Mohammed Amin Lamptey.

The statement quoted the Chairman of (PAOG), Alhaji Abdul Rauf Tanko Ibrahim, as congratulating Hajia Hasiyatu and her family for the safe delivery and assured them of his office readiness to offer them proper medical support till they are fly back to Ghana latest by next week.

Last year a Ghanaian pilgrim from Kumasi also delivered a baby at the same time, right after Hajj rituals. Delivering of babies during Hajj Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia is normal among all participating countries.

Ghanaian Pilgrims are expected to start flying back to Ghana between September 22 and October 3 respectively baring any unforeseeable circumstances.

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