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Ghanaian pilgrim dies in Saudi Arabia



A Ghanaian pilgrim is reported to have died in Saudi Arabia. The deceased has been identified as 70-year old Alhaji Alhassan Kuku who was part of the contingent of Ghanaian pilgrims. The Pilgrims Affairs Office of Ghana(PAOG) has announced the death on Wednesday.

The late Alhaji Kuku was said to have died in Arafah last Sunday and his body was brought back safely to the Ghana camp in Mina.

According to the head of the medical team, Dr. Abdul Samad Suleman, the cause of death is unknown because but he suspects hypoglycaemia as the cause of death.

“He collapsed suddenly and unfortunately eye witness did not rush him to the clinic on time. When we saw him, he had cold extremities, no cardiopulmonary activities and was clinically dead,” Dr.Suleman said.

The body of the late Alhaji Kuku was buried in Makkah around 7 p.m. Saudi Arabia time just after Magrib prayers in accordance with Islamic rites.

The late Alhaji Kuku who hailed from Zabarama Line, a suburb of Accra, was in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj with three male relatives including a nephew.

Alhaji Manaf the CEO of Ansarr Hajj Agency who facilitated the travelling processes of the late Alhaji Kuku, duly informed family members and appointed one of them among those here in Mecca for the burial activities.

This was contained in a statement signed by the deputy communication director of PAOG, Mr Mohammed Amin Lamptey.

This is the first death recorded since the start of this year’s Hajj pilgrimage couple of days ago.

The PAOG expressed its deepest heartfelt sympathies for the death of a pilgrim and extended condolences to the late Alhaji Kuku’s family back in Ghana for the lost of a dear one.

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