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Bad blood between northern hip-life artists; Fancy Gadam calls for cool heads to prevail


A hip-life artist inGADAM the northern region has appealed for calm and decency in the music industry.

Ahmed Belo Mujahib, known in show bizz as Fancy Gadam, called for an end
to the on-going insults and unhealthy competition among artists in the industry.

Fancy Gadam said industry players in the region, such as the Musicians Union Association of Ghana (MUSIGA), among others should step in and find a lasting solution to what he called the dirty competition among musicians in the Northern region.

The bad blood between the artists in the region began in 2010 when they began using their music to rain insults on each other through radio presenters. In 2010, an artist called King Dee from KKC group composed a song titled “Sangara,” which featured Big Malik portraying themselves as the “alpha dogs” of hip-Life without mentioning any artist name.

Not unexpected, their Sangara song attracted a rebuttal from Lil-K with a song titled “Dulindulim.” The feud continued with a group called Choggu Boys and Nanima, all hip-hop artists. Thus began the negativity and insults over popularity and supremacy among musicians in the region. The ongoing feud pitches Lil-K against Don-Sigli and now Fancy Gadam against Macacia

Industry watchers are shocked that the hostility is happening under the watch of both senior artists and industry players. They have thus have expressed serious concerns about the kind of music being produced in the region and the impact it is having on society.

Speaking to Zaa news on the recent development, Fancy Gadam noted that music is not about quarrels but rather it is competition and must be seen as healthy. “Let us quit the dirty competition and the find a way forward to promoting Northern music across the world,” he pleaded. Music is a tool for refreshing the minds of music lovers, just as bath refreshes the body, Fancy stressed.

Meanwhile, Don Sigli, another hip-life artist over the week-end explained to his fans the meaning of his latest track “ATUMANI” insisting that it was not an invective against anybody in the industry.

He made this known during the Zaa radio weekend Entertainment Chat Show program with Mr Tell. He further explained that many people have the wrong perception that his latest track ”ATUMANI” was composed to attack or denigrate Lil-K, which is far from the truth.

Such thinking, Fancy Gadam said, has the tendency of creating more confusion among the artists in the region. “Why should I hate my fellow human being because of music,” he queried.


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