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Chief escapes an assassination attempt in his palace



A divisional chief in the Nanton traditional area, Kparigu Lana Abdul Aziz Dokurugu on Thursday said he escaped an assassination attempt by six masked gun men.

Five out of the six armed men were identified by the locals, the chief added, saying that the six took to their heels after realizing that the community members were awake and ready for them.

The armed men, the chief said, came to his community uninvited and surrounded his palace at about 11 pm last night.

According to him, the criminals went to one of his elders and asked him to lead them to the palace after telling him their mission.

The chief said just as his elder came to inform him about the armed men; they strategically surrounded the house ready to attack.

The armed men, he narrated, mentioned the chief warrior of Nantong (name withheld) as the one who sent them but he doubted the hoodlums claims.

The Kparigu Lana is therefore appealing to the Security Council to take up the matter and have the perpetrators arrested.

Residents in the community say if the security agencies refuse to arrest the hoodlums who went to the area to carry out the heinous crime they will not sit idly by the next time around; they will fight back.

Out of about 75 divisional and sub Chiefs in Nanton traditional area, Kparigu lana is third in command and it is believed he is one of the influential chiefs in the area.

The chief has since lodged a complaint to the Northern Regional police command.

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