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Bugri Naabu launches blistering attacks on president for appointing a Konkomba into the upper echelons of gov’t


imageThe appointment of a Konkomba into the upper strata of government apparently is not enough to appease the northern regional chairman of the NPP, Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu who has been relentless in condemning the President John Mahama for marginalizing Konkombas.

The maverick regional chairman accused President Mahama of playing tribal politics with his appointment of a former president of the Konkomba Youth Association, Mr. Kenneth Wujangi, as the deputy chief of staff in-charge of operations.

The NPP chairman stunningly made a swift turn around after an illustrious son of Konkombas was appointed to the highest office at the presidency.

Pundists believe Mr Kenneth Wujangi carries more weight and influence in the Konkomba areas of the eastern corridor of northern Ghana and there are speculations that with his appointment to the top echelons of government, NPP is likely lose its parliamentary seats in the 2016 elections.

However, Mr Bugri Nabuu described the appointment of Mr.Wujangi as a last minute NDC propagandist strategy aimed at deceiving Konkombas to vote for the NDC come November 7, 2016.

He said the recent ministerial reshuffle by the Mahama administration that saw Abdallah Abubakari and Wujangi as northern regional minister and deputy chief of staff respectively cannot bring any change in the political fortunes of the NDC in the Mamprugu and Konkomba areas which have been marginalized for far too long.

Bugri Naabu said he was compelled to comment on the latest appointment because there seem to be an excitement on the faces of some NDC politicians in the northern region.
The NPP chairman said he does not think Mr. Wujangi can rival the Bimbilla MP, Dominic Nitiwul who is the deputy minority leader, or he Bugri in currying political favor with Konkombas.  Taking a jab at the newly appointed chief of staff, Mr. Nabuu, curtly remarked,”The two of us are giants whilst Mr. Wunjaji is a dwarf.”

According to Mr. Nabuu, in 2012, Mr. Moses Bukari Mabengba who was a substantive northern regional minister at the time and a long standing Konkomba stalwart, failed to make any positive voting impact in Konkomba land and he wonders how Mr Wujangi could make an impact.

The creative attitude of the NDC in appointing Mr. Wujangi to the flagstaff House (the seat of government) is simply disappointing and a show of political immaturity. If Mabenbga could not do it after being the virtual face and voice of Konkombas for decades, he wonders how Mr. Wujangi who Mr. Naabu described as a political neophyte can make any impact in the voting fortunes of the NDC.

The NPP chairman however wants to assure the NDC that the time for them to play tribal politics is over, Ghanaians and Konkombas in particular are very discerning and will definitely show the NDC the exit this time round.

In the Mamprugu area, Mr. Naabu observed, only a political novice would conclude that the weight of Mr. Abubakari can surpass the combined weight of Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia, Bugri Naabu, Hajia Alima Mahama and Dr. Sagre Bambangi to deliver victory for the NDC.

Continuing his rant, Mr. Naabu said the rush to appoint the two former PNC members to the NDC administration was a sign of desperation. “We are very well aware that the appointment of the duo who are known PNC stalwarts turned NDC, was a political strategy to wrestle power in the Konkomba and the Mamprugu areas. It is a clandestine but infantile tactic by the NDC to lure Konkombas to vote for them in the 2016 polls.”

Not quite satisfied with his blistering attack on the Mahama government, Mr. Naabu continued, “It is also worthy to know that the NDC which has been at the helm of affairs in this country for over seven years, did not find it expedient to appoint a Konkomba until now. Is it that they could not see any competent Konkomba who could be appointed in their earlier days in government? I will not be far from right to say that they acted hurriedly to counter my criticism that NDC was anti-Konkomba.”

Mr. Naabu in a final salvo said he expects the Mahama-led NDC government lay the grounds to hand over administration of the country to the NPP under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo in January 2017 and not to be making in his words ‘irrelevant’ and inconsequential appointments in a calculated attempt to loot the coffers of the nation.

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