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A Bunch of Terrorist Wannabes or Village Dupes?

It is a frightening scenario whichever way you look at it; the arrest last week of seven men in a small  hamlet, Dzenton Daboase, near Salaga with two AK 47 assault rifles, raises many questions and sends shivers down the spines of Ghanaians. Though the men have not been formally charged in a court of law,…
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Ghanaians are hopping mad yet again over alleged corrupt deals

Ghanaians are, and rightly so, indignant over reports that certain deals entered into by the government with a foreign entity and a public transportation agency, whiff strongly of graft and corruption. The allegations, if proven, are deeply troubling. The anger and vitriol being directed against the ruling NDC center around the purchase of ten gas turbines…
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Picture of the week

This lady may know the dangers associated with what she did but, does she have an option?

Many rural folks in Northern Ghana use tricycles as means of transport even though they are meant for conveying goods.